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Going out on a warm evening, hose in hand, to sprinkle the yard is a pleasant way to spend some time outdoors.  But, it is not the ideal way to water your lawn and garden.  Proper watering of the turf can be an easy practice with an irrigation system.

If you are looking for experience and professionalism in irrigation, you have come to the right place. We have been installing and servicing lawn sprinkler systems for 15 years in Prince Edward County and the Quinte area.

An inground irrigation system can free up time and create a better enjoyment for your family.


Our long serving employees are a testament to our continued efforts to be an irrigation company you can depend on.

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“Benefits of an Inground Sprinkler System”


An automatic irrigation system eliminates the work of watering your lawn and garden. Water restrictions have placed more demands on when and how long you can water.

No more early mornings of dragging hoses and old classic sprinklers around.  Just set it and forget it, as your lawn is getting the right amount of water at the right time.


Watering systems can feel like a big expense but, if you consider the money you have spent hauling hoses to cope with drought and the cost associated with replacing a lawn or garden.

Then maybe it’s time to consider an irrigation system that can handle all your watering needs.


To maintain a healthy green actively growing turf, it’s essential to water 2-2½ inches per week.  While most people think a lack of water is damaging, so can over watering.

Proper irrigation of the turf can be an easy practice with an inground sprinkler system.

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