Let us do the dirty work    and you enjoy the results. 

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“Let Us Do The Dirty Work And You Enjoy The Results” is what we work to accomplish and take very seriously to achieve and live up to. Why concern yourself with the watering of your lawn when we can do it for you!

Everyone enjoys the sight of a lush and healthy green lawn, but  to those homeowners that must work to achieve such a sight don't necessarily have the time to water their lawns and gardens to make the fantasy a reality.

Atlantis Irrigation employs experienced and knowledgeable staff to be sure that your getting the quality you deserve and desire by installing an in ground sprinkler system. Our most recent add on to the business is in ground decorative lighting, turning any stone or wood path into a warm and inviting way into your home. Illuminating your gardens, driveways and even ponds to create magical scenes, adding to your already beautiful lawn.

We strive to provide our customers with the best service we can provide. Taking the satisfaction of our valued customers very seriously, our staff are willing and able to answer any questions or concerns, with a friendly and inviting smile.

Be generous to your lawn and flower beds, take care of them and water often.

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