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Picton, Ontario

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Located in Picton, ON. A family owned and managed businesses for over 11 years, Atlantis Irrigation & Lighting has worked hard to take care of our customers in our local community and the surrounding areas. Specializing in residential and commercial lawn and garden sprinkler installations. We are a professional and trustworthy company with many satisfied customers.

As residents for over 13 years of Prince Edward County we offer support to our community through sponsorship and donations.We offer to our customers, the installation of an in ground sprinkler system to brighten and prolong the life of their lawn without the hassle of remembering to water everyday. Simply set it and forget it and the system will do the rest. We also offer the service of in ground lighting, illuminating the darkest corners of your yard and home.

Always offering our service with a smile, customers that call will always speak to the owners. Eliminating the middle man so each customer can be taken care of, every question or concern can be answered properly without waiting. Customers can always contact us by looking for our trucks, a business card, email, phone call or through Facebook and twitter.

Atlantis Irrigation is not the only business managed by us, our second business is again locally owned. Weed Man, is an inherited business and runs during the same time as Atlantis Irrigation. You can always visit the website  www.weedmancanada.com or contact the Picton Weed Man with any questions you might have at 613-476-3065.   

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